Maalmolen/shredder GRM230/340-490 series

Compact Granulator/Shredder, series GRM230/340-490,
machinery that has both advantages of the granulator and shredder,
built for the prompt recovery of the medium sized sprues and scraps directly on the machine side
or as periferical machinery in a centralized system.
Ideal design for feeding from robot, from conveyor or manually .
Main features:
– Use of robust gearmotor with high torque to assure low numbers of turns and a reduced power installed;
– Regrind with little powder thanks to the particular rotor multi-blades design and to the low numbers of work turns of the machiney;
– Energy saving thanks to the gearmotor at reduced power installed;
– Multi-baldes rotor with movable inserts;
– Carbon steel grid with 180° winding angle;
– Blades built in stainless steel at high resistance ;
– Adjustable fixed blades; –
– Use of robust bearings;
– Labyrinth with opening on the granulator chamber sides to unload the powders without damaging the bearings  ;
– Protection gaskets against powders to avoid bearings damaged
– Soundproofed painted steel hopper, complete of clear warning light
– Full operator safety ;
– Removable collection regrind bin; Removable collection powders bin
– Facilitate maintenance and cleaning.
– Electrical system complete of
– Painted steel box;
– Safeties for accidental opening of elements
– Motor thermic/Motor remote control switch ;
– Presence alarm lamp warning;
– Use of microprocessor electronic control for :
– Inversion turns in case of rotor block
– Control with possibility of managing the Start /Stop machinery set
– Possibility of giving the machinery Start from external consent
– Interventions maintenance warning signal  
· Transmission by robust and reliable gearmotor with high torque
· Low number of turns.
· Reduction in energy consumption up to – 50%compared to a normal granulator with equivalent transmission belt
· Reduction in powders formation in the grinding stage
· Reduction in the pieces heating in the grinding phase, suitable for all the technical materials subject to overheating degradation (transparent materials, PC-PMMA)
· Reduction in blades wear
· Reduction in noise emission
· Granulation chamber sides with interchangeable hard steel plates (machine already STANDARD set up for the grinding
 of material hardly charged with glass fiber )
· Steel blades at high resistance..
· Adjustable fixed blades .
· Control with inversion turn in case of rotor block
· Control with possibility of managing the Start /Stop machinery set
· Control with the possibility of giving the machinery Start from external consent.
· Control with interventions maintenance warning signal
Increased version of the collecting bin with 50 lt capacity , in painted steel .
Fitted with predisposition for the rotative sensor and heater vent.
Moreover it is provided with special raised frame
 in order to mount the increased collecting bin  

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